NEIGHBORHOOD offers mentoring for health tech companies as well as office space for start-ups in the biotech & medtech industries

Neighborhood’s Full Incubation


We offer a series of 3 sessions of 2 hours face to face meetings with our experienced consultants.


We select speakers from our network that come regularly to share their knowledge with the Neighborhood community via our regular internal and external events.


A year of regular interactions with Managing Partners from well known or established private equity companies to build your equity story. An opportunity to pitch and have a privilege interaction with our network of investors.


You will have access to our cosy office spaces, meeting rooms, amphitheatre, and lunch spaces in all our offices.​

Neighborhood’s Mentoring Sessions



We offer a Serie of 3 sessions of 2 hours face to face meetings with our experienced consultants.

Neighborhood’s Training Day

Plenary Session

Strategic consultant

We can select one of our the best consultants to offer 2 hours on the general topic of the day.


Dedicated topics

With the variety of consultant we have, we can plan various workshops (ex 4 different workshops of 10 pers max) to meet your needs.


Network event

To enrich the interaction of the day we propose to have a networking event at the end of the day. 

Neighborhood’s Soft landing

From EU to US

days in Boston to understand FDA and US Access to Market

From EU to US

4 days in Paris to understand EMA/NB and EU Access to Market

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