NEIGHBORHOOD offers mentoring for health tech companies as well as office space for start-ups in the biotech & medtech industries



We have extensive regulatory science expertise just next door in med device, digital health, biotech and pharmaceuticals to provide you with regulatory strategy, technical development including manufacturing & scale up, non-clinical & clinical development, etc. Our mentors will guide the entrepreneurs with expertise, ideas and suggestions at every stage to accelerate your project.


Strategic consultants

With our network support, we have selected speakers of excellence in the areas of IP strategy, IT strategy, fund-raising, or investor interaction management. These professionals come regularly to share their knowledge with the Neighborhood community.


Global community

We offer an accessible network of key stakeholders in the health tech ecosystem including clinicians, regulators, big pharma or medical device makers.


Dynamic working space

Neighborhood offers a dynamic working space for entrepreneurs that meet your day-to-day operational needs on 2 sites in Europe (Paris and Lausanne) and in Cambridge in the US.

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