Our team members are entrepreneurs, regulatory experts, health tech consultants and key opinion leaders that strive to help health technology startups reach their next valuation milestone.

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Sandra Kanani, Ph.D.

General Manager

As the General Manager of NEIGHBORHOOD, Sandra brings over 10 years of experience in the management of disruptive innovation, through bridging science with business in the fields of personalized medicine, medical devices, diagnostics, and cosmetics.

NEIGHBORHOOD is a new initiative from Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS). It provides support and office space for mentoring innovative start-up companies in the health tech domain, in an environment designed to stimulate the development of products and services. This is achieved by facilitating close interactions with in-house Voisin Consulting Life Sciences experts to speed-up and de-risk product development programs.

Sandra’s considerable transversal experience in managing innovation, therefore, provide NEIGHBORHOOD Companies with an extremely valuable ecosystem to grow their concepts into successful businesses.

Prior to joining VCLS, Sandra held the position of Transversal Manager in Research working for L’Oréal where she implemented the Personalized Cosmetic concept (inspired by Personalized Medicine).

She thus has an impressive track record in the management of open innovation in interdisciplinary projects, technology transfer with start-ups, partnership management and business strategy alignment with R&D.

Sandra trained as an engineer in Fluid Mechanics, and she earned her Ph.D. from Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis (Nice-France) in non-linear dynamics applied to the biophysics of heart rhythm. Sandra graduated from the Babson College in Boston (Advanced Certificate in Innovation and entrepreneurial leadership) and from the Executive MBA program at HEC (Paris-France).

She is based in the Paris office and is fluent in both French and English. Her multicultural background and experience enable her to lead in an international environment.

Sebastien Giraudier, Ph.D.

Project and Development Manager

Sebastien has been with NEIGHBORHOOD since its’ inception, where he has responsibility as a project and planning manager.

He brings with him some specific insights into the challenges experienced by start-up companies, from his own experience of founding his own medical device company in 2007, successfully running it for 7 years, and raising more that 4 million Euros along the way.

More recently, Sebastien broadened his entrepreneurial experience by getting involved in several biotech startups. This experience has allowed him to further understand the unique challenges faced, and how they might be overcome.

As part of this approach, Sebastien firmly believes that experience sharing and continuous networking are essential elements to the success of any venture; two characteristics of Neighborhood that he intends to help further develop on behalf of client companies.

Sebastien is fascinated by Entrepreneurship, the Life Sciences and Education.

He earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and outside of the work environment, when not playing squash, Sebastien likes to teach his three children to surf.

He is based in Paris and has a lot of experience working successfully in a multi-cultural environment.

Bernard Malfroy-Camine, Ph.D.

US Access

Bernard has been involved in NEIGHBORHOOD since its inception, and brings with him over 30 years’ experience in the Biotech industry as an academic turned Life Sciences entrepreneur.

Bernard spent the first 30 years of his life in France, where he began his scientific career at the CNRS. He then moved to the US in 1984 where he discovered and embraced the biotech phenomenon and entrepreneurship, first at Genentech, then at Alkermes, and eventually at Eukarion and MindSet Rx, which he founded

As a serial entrepreneur involved in several ventures both in the US and in France, Bernard is fascinated by entrepreneurship in general, and in particular by the mutually exclusive requirements in all startups of the “Management of Creativity”.

However, he remains a scientist at heart, although he prefers to be judged by the number of the startups he founded or co-founded (4),  of his patents (over 20), or marathons (35), rather than his scientific publications (over 90).

Bernard was educated in France (X, Ph.D. in Neurobiology), and furthered his education in Business in the trenches of the startups he founded, in the US.

He is based in Boston, is very comfortable working in a multi-cultural environment, and is fluent in both French and English.

Christopher Reymond

General Manager, Swiss operations

As part of the Senior management, Dr. Christophe Reymond is in charge of managing VCLS’ Swiss operations. He is promoting contacts and maintaining networks in particular with EPFL and local Universities as well as ETH. His activity includes the development of business activities and the assessment of local opportunities throughout Switzerland. He promotes VCLS values locally, making them visible and attractive in line with our clients’ expectations.

Dr. Reymond’s broad expertise includes strategic planning, people, and process management. His scientific knowledge and Biotech experience allow him to understand the needs of clients throughout the development path of their drug product(s).

Dr. Reymond has over 20 years experience as CSO in Biotech companies. As Founder and Director, he contributed to the development of start-ups as well as accompanied their development through milestones achievements and financing rounds. His managerial experience included supervision of clinical trials and related interactions with regulatory authorities.

Previously, Dr. Reymond acted as a professor at the University of Lausanne Medical School while leading a research group in developmental biology. Before, he conducted a research group on oncogenes at the Swiss cancer research institute (ISREC). His molecular biology training was acquired through a thesis at the University of Geneva and a postdoctoral stay at the University of California San Diego, USA.

Dr. Reymond has published over 40 original articles in international peer-reviewed journals, reviews and book chapters covering various scientific aspects of immunology, developmental biology, and innovative technologies.